Saturday, October 07, 2006

Foley is NOT A DEMOCRAT! Sheesh!

I've been reading a number of people's posts at other blogs and forums, and the sites that have a distinctly conservative bent assuming that disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley is a Democrat and simply won't believe anyone that tells them otherwise. I'd really like to know where they got that idea...

...but boy, I really didn't have to look too far. First, shockingly (and awe-ingly?) it was FOX News, specifically the O'Reilly Factor that started it, where they showed two video clips of Foley, both of them containing the same D-FL caption. (Links are all to WMV videos, thanks to The Brad Blog.

When the show re-aired in the late night hours, rather than correcting the "mistake" to R-FL, they simply ran the video without the graphic. They've now said that they don't need to run a correction on air because "everyone knows" Foley is a Republican. Really. Everyone?

Is that why the AP was running their stories on the issue with Foley labelled a Democrat along with, of all people, Dennis Hastert?

Personal responsibility my ass. Liberal media bias my ass.

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