Saturday, June 10, 2006

Four dead in Ohio

Or: Why I will never vote for another Republican candidate in my life, even if he or she holds positions I agree with.

I know this is starting to be old news now, but I wanted to link to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s article in Rolling Stone about the 2004 election. It's now obvious that it was stolen, and Kennedy's article details exactly how it was done.

"We're in a terrible fix," Rep. [John] Conyers [(D-MI), ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee] told me. "We've got a media that uses its bullhorn in reverse – to turn down the volume on this outrage rather than turning it up. That's why our citizens are not up in arms."

The four dead in Ohio were good friends of mine named , , , and , and you can read more of their obituaries in the links on their names.

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