Friday, May 19, 2006

Additions to the blogroll

I don't know when I mentioned my blogroll last, but I know I've added a few since then. So, I'll give a quick plug to each of the newest three on the list.

MacYapper is Pittsburgh CityPaper columnist and KDKA Radio host John McIntire's official blog. I added it because it's frequently political, and even more frequently funny, just like his radio show. (I have to admit not ever having read his column.)

The Pennsylvania Progressive, written by John Morgan, is another BlogSpot blog. I discovered this blog by looking at a search page that referred to a post on TftM that also referred to a post on his blog. I read a few posts and decided that it was worth a link.

The last addition is Health Insurance Freedom. This is an issue-specific blog (obviously) relating to the Pennsylvania Health Care Solutions Coalition (PHCSC), which is an organization dedicated to bringing true universal health care to the state of Pennsylvania. I didn't even realize it, but there is currently a bill in the state Senate to this effect, and it is apparently scheduled to move to the state House on June 7. Those who want to see this plan become a reality should thank Sen. Jim Ferlo from Natrona Heights, a former 14-year Pittsburgh city councilman and two-term council president, for introducing the bill.

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