Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Plummeting polls and false alarms

A day late and a dollar short as usual, I opened up Sunday's Forum section of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Monday and I was delighted when I looked at Jack Kelly's usual spot and saw a different name topping an anti-war column. I thought that perhaps the editors finally tired of Kelly's insultingly inaccurate (and, well, insulting) columns. Needless to say, though, that when I flipped back to the top of the page, I was disappointed to see that his column was simply moved to the side where Ann McFeatters's column usually resides. (Insert a big sigh here.)

At any rate, the real purpose of this short post is to say that I saw, via 2 Political Junkies, that our lovely president's approval rating has dropped all the way to 34% according to a CBS News poll. This marks the lowest that statistic has been, at least for Dubya. Apparently as well, his disapproval rating is an incredible 59% according to the accompanying .pdf file, which is actually a pretty good read overall if you're not a big fan of the Bush administration.

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